Stop Weighing Yourself!


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Stop Weighing Yourself

Something that took me a long time to let go of on my journey to health was the false idea that my weight mattered.  Even when I stopped counting calories and gave up on the USDA’s erroneous high-grain/low-fat recommendations, I still did it with the goal of reaching some magical ideal weight that someone else picked for my body with the arbitrary BMI scale.  I was still exercising to lose weight, eating to lose weight, and weighing myself daily to make sure my healthy habits were “successful”.

This may not even sound bad to you.  This may sound like what we should all be doing: getting healthy to lose weight.  Let me tell you the problem with that.  Not only does the science show that weight really has very little to do with health, but using weight as a metric of health is almost a guarantee that you will give up on your healthy habits (you know, the healthy habits that are reducing your chances of disease, helping you sleep better, increasing your joy, etc.) all because you aren’t reaching your magic number fast enough.  Some people never reach this magic number and feel like failures! Let me show why you are not a failure if you have made lifestyle and diet changes for the better but your scale is still making you sad.

First of all, let’s talk about the pitfalls that happen when we use weight as a metric of success:

  • You can be a healthy weight but still be eating unhealthy foods, so your internal body could be getting damaged although outwardly you look “healthy”.  I am sure we all know the person (or ARE the person) who can eat whatever “crap” they want but never gain any weight.  That doesn’t mean they are healthy!  While this person looks healthy on the outside, the unhealthy foods are wreaking havoc on the inside of their bodies, which may not show detrimental effects until later in life when they develop diabetes, heart disease, and/or cancer.
  • Focusing on weight as the metric of success can also lead to eating disorders as people start to eat healthier and exercise, they see the pounds drop off.  They then think “hey, the less I eat and the more I exercise, the skinnier I get” and they keep just getting skinnier and skinnier, until they are actually show signs of anorexia without even know it!  I “had a friend” who was so obsessed with measuring weight that they would weigh themselves before and after every meal, before and after using the restroom, before and after exercising, etc.  This person would sometimes avoid drink water all day because it kept their weight down.  This is NOT healthy.  To use weight as an indicator (if you even want to after this blog post), you should weigh yourself once a week, at the same time of day each time.  Anymore and you are just seeing noise.
  • Focusing on weight as your metric of success can also lead to diet “swings” as someone gets fit to lose weight, then they lose the weight, and then because they are at the weight they want to be at they stop all of the healthy choices they were making to reach that ideal weight.  After they stop their healthy choices, they gain the weight back and then start sleeping worse, start feeling worse, have less energy, have more depression and anxiety, and go right back to being at risk for diet-related diseases.
  • Using weight as a metric of success can also lead to a feeling a failure.  Healthy weight loss is slow, and sometimes “ideal weights” are never reached.  You will be tempted to give up all healthy habits because you think that they are not working because your weight isn’t coming off fast enough.  However, just because you didn’t reach their weight goal does not mean that you are not gaining a myriad of other benefits from eating right and exercising.  An “overweight” person with healthy lifestyle choices can have far less disease risk than an person at an “ideal weight” that is sedentary with a poor diet!


Weight loss should not be an end point!  It is just one measure of a usual result of healthy lifestyle choices, but not the GOAL of healthy lifestyle choices.  If you use feelings of joy, sleep, energy, decrease in disease risk, or even an increase self-confidence as your metric of success, then you will see results almost immediately and even after you get to your goal weight (or if you never do) you will keep making good choices because those choices are making your quality and length of life better!

As if these pitfalls to focusing on weight weren’t enough, what about the science?  We have all been told that the more you weigh the more at risk for disease you are, right?

So isn’t weight important?

I am here to tell you that the answer is a resounding:


First of all, this study shows us that is lifestyle and diet choices that affect your rate of disease, not weight.  In fact, this study shows that even people in the obese BMI category had the SAME RISK OF DEATH from diet related diseases as people in the normal BMI category as long as they practiced healthy lifestyle and diet choices!

OBESE PEOPLE HAVE THE SAME RISK OF DEATH AS PEOPLE OF NORMAL BMI WEIGHT as long as they follow these lifestyle and diet choices.  Repeat that to yourself again and again!

I mean that says it all.  I feel like I could stop here, but why when there are so many other great studies that show that weight doesn’t matter as long as you have the right lifestyle and food habits:

I could keep going, but I think you get the picture.  We have all been misled to believe that it is our weight that leads to health vs. disease, and we have all began to judge each other and ourselves based upon this misinformation.  It’s time to stop!!!  So throw out your scale (and your judgement), stop counting calories, work with a trained health coach to find the food choices that make you feel awesome, and stop hating yourself and others based upon some worthless fantasy number!

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