The health requirement you are missing, but can’t eat!


I make your health my priority so you can make your dreams your priority!



The health requirement you are missing, but can’t eat!

Sometimes, the most important ingredient to our health is something that can’t be eaten.

Sometimes, we learn really important lessons in really simple places.

Keep reading to find out how I learned the most important ingredient to health from almost completely giving up on something I really loved, and how it relates to your health journey.  I want to tell you how I got too busy, forgot to take care of something that brought joy to my life, and almost lost it forever because I believed that it wasn’t even save-able.

So, I love to garden.  I convinced my since-then irritated-at-his-agreement husband to let me turn my entire backyard into a garden, and it was the garden of dreams (my dreams anyway)!  I was harvesting home-raised organic food year round for every single meal, and was buying almost no produce from the store.  There were butterflies and hummingbirds and flowers and herbs everywhere!  I was in garden heaven!

However, one year I made myself too busy: I was doing my regular full time job, being a full time mom, was teaching several city classes, AND went back to school for more certifications!  My garden completely got neglected.  Like, I didn’t even go into the garden for almost a year!  It was completely destroyed! I was so ashamed that I had let grass take over that I canceled my garden tours for my city class participants and just quit going outside.  I was devastated, demoralized, and I thought it was hopeless.  I truly believed that the work it would take to save my garden was impossible, and that my years of hard work had been wasted and destroyed.  I completely gave up.  Almost.

One day, my irritated husband said he was happy I let the garden grow over because we could finally turn it back into lawn.  For a second, that idea seemed ok to me.  What was the point? It was hopeless anyway.  I should give up, let it go, and come to turns with the fact that I had ruined it and there was no way I could get it back.

But then I just couldn’t stand it.  I couldn’t stand to let it go.  Not yet.

You see, I had felt hopeless before.  I felt hopeless 10 years earlier when I gave up sugar and lost 80 pounds; I felt hopeless 5 years before when I gave up alcohol and cigarettes; I felt hopeless just 1 year before when I gave up coffee.  And all those times that I felt hopeless, that I felt like the pain of change would be too big for me to handle, that the work would be too hard, and that even if I tried it wouldn’t work anyway, I decided to take just one step, one move forward, to see what happened.  And every time I took that one step, I had a small glimpse of success that made me realize that I COULD do it.

And in the midst of that hopelessness, I felt something more powerful: GRACE.  Every time, someone had shown me that I wasn’t alone, that I wasn’t the first one on this journey, and that there was a way out.  Someone gave me HOPE.

I just had to be brave enough to start.

And so I did. I laid out a few pieces of cardboard and starting shoveling mulch.
And something happened when I took that one small step.  I realized that it wasn’t hopeless.  It wasn’t going to take forever to fix.  I realized that it WAS possible.  That one tiny glimpse of success proved that it WAS save-able.  It wasn’t over yet!  In that small, tiny step, I found what I was missing, the one ingredient required for success that you can’t eat: HOPE!

And so I got my butt to work! The work that I thought would be so hard took me less than 2 days!  In two days, I had the garden of my dreams back!

And you know what? Back there under all that grass and all those ant piles, my plants were still growing.  There was still fruit to harvest available the second I decided to try again!  Just like your body is still able to heal with a few small steps, my garden was there ready for me to come back to it.  I just had to have HOPE!  I had to have the hope to come back!

Now, I am not saying it will ever be the way it was before I gave up.  This once weed-free garden bed will never be completely rid of grass, and I will have to weed it more frequently as a consequence of my year-long neglect.  Just like there may be some weeding you will have to do during your healing journey. 

And you may feel on the inside what my body looked like on the outside: broken, exhausted, bleeding, and covered in dirt!


But that doesn’t mean that it won’t be worth it.  And that doesn’t mean that it’s worth giving up.  Not yet.  There is still hope, and you still have fruit to bare.  You’re not done yet!

It’s time for you to bloom again!  Are you ready for your transformation?!?!

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I make your health my priority so you can make your dreams your priority!

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