How to Balance Your Hormones: Post 1


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How to Balance Your Hormones: Post 1

My mom always knew before I did when I was about to get my period.  Apparently, I had extreme mood swings accompanied by hating everyone in the world, and I guess during my teenage years my mom was the proverbial whipping boy of my hormones.  Like most women, I thought PMS was just part of “Eve’s Curse”, the burden we as women were meant to bare throughout our reproductive years.  I didn’t learn until I became board certified in holistic nutrition that this supposed inevitable burden simply wasn’t true.

In fact, PMS and other women’s reproductive related issues like PCOS, endometriosis, infertility, and difficult menopause are largely isolated to developed nations with standard American diets.  Imagine my surprise when I learned for the first time, after having been teaching biology and holistic nutrition for 10 years, that the hate-filled week I had experienced since puberty at 9 years old (and that my mom, friends, and husband experienced most of all I am sure) weren’t just a part of being female. In fact, these painful weeks weren’t Eve’s Curse at all!  According to my research during my herbalist (Sage Mountain Herbal Center) and holistic nutrition training (Energetic Health Institute), including Holistic Health Coach Alisa Vitti’s book “Woman Code” and multiple case studies through Michael McEvoy’s Metabolic Healing, my PMS symptoms were a product of my standard American diet, and were therefore totally in my control.  It was time to experiment!  (As far as Eve’s actual Curse, I am pretty sure child birth accomplishes getting those dues paid!).

What I am about to reveal to you during this guest blog series with Kitchen Stewardship completely changed my concept of what it is to be a woman, and the cyclical magical powers we possess as part of our gift of femininity.  If they taught this in 6th grade “puberty class” instead of the normal lesson plan, I think we would have a country of much more empowered women harnessing each week for the unique hormonal gifts it offers us, as well as knowing how what we eat everyday can either result in us leveraging our hormones to achieve our hopes or dreams or in turning our hormones against us in a chaotic dysregulation of our body’s intended physiology.  Even if you don’t have any of the symptoms listed below, or you are past your reproductive years, this is a dance that you will want to learn in order to harness your feminine powers, the gift that was given to all females that we have been taught to view as a curse but that, if we know the magic spell, we can use as designed to maximize our potential to fulfill our destiny we were sent here to fulfill.


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I make your health my priority so you can make your dreams your priority!

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