How to Balance Your Hormones: Post 5


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How to Balance Your Hormones: Post 5

I am so excited to start the fourth step for hormone balancing and harnessing your feminine powers with you!

In case you missed them, don’t forget to check out Step 1 , Step 2 , and Step 3!

Now on to Step 4!

Let’s get rid of the toxins and “bad stuff” that’s messing up your hormones, ladies! It’s detox time!

With careful eating and the right lifestyle choices, you CAN balance your hormones and harness your feminine magic! Are you ready to learn the next step in the line-up?

First let’s review what we’ve covered so far (and remember that each of these steps takes longer than a week, so we’re dishing out the info and you can come back to these posts later as you feel you’ve mastered one step at a time):

  1. The mitochondria are supported
  2. Our blood sugar is balanced
  3. Your adrenal glands are regulated

Now we focus on learning the steps for liver health and body detox regulation.

When our adrenal hormones and blood sugar are out of balance, our liver and detox systems take the back seat to constantly having to process blood sugar and deal with an over-abundance of stress hormones. This causes excess estrogen to circulate around the blood stream. And why is that bad? We’re talking about estrogen dominance causing PMS, PCOS and endometriosis, mood swings, cramps, and more.

Committing to liver/detox balance will lead to sex hormone regulation over time. But this detox isn’t some fad enema or long-term fast “cleanse”. Real detox is a daily process that supports our liver and other organs of elimination (sometimes with simple daily rituals like minimizing toxin exposure, dry brushing or drinking detox-supportive herbal teas), and just like the other steps, food and lifestyle are going to be important to learn in order to master this step.  This step also involves balancing the digestive system, because toxins can cause multiple digestive issues that cause a ripple affect of hormone chaos in the body.

As always, let’s start with the most fun category first…food! Remember to continue with the food recommendations from the first three steps, adding these new moves in once you have the first steps down!


For the rest of the series, don’t forget to check out

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I make your health my priority so you can make your dreams your priority!

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