How to Balance your Hormones: Post 6


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How to Balance Your Hormones: Post 6

I am so excited to tell you the fifth (AND BEST!) step for hormone balancing and harnessing your feminine powers with you!

In case you missed them, don’t forget to check out

Now on to Step 5!

This is my favorite part of this whole series, because once you have worked your way through the above steps, your energy should be optimized, your blood sugar should be regulated, your adrenal glands and thyroid should be rocking, and your liver should be a detox machine, allowing your hormones to be balanced.  And once your hormones are balanced, you get to unlock your feminine magic within your cycle.

Now, before I tell you about that magic and how you can align your life with your unique weekly powers, I have an introductory story to tell you that demonstrates how these powers can be used to our advantage.

When I first got into herbs, I thought they all hurt my kidneys.  I would get all excited about trying a new herbal infusion, try it for a few days, and then feel this slight pain in my kidney/back area.  I would immediately freak, stop taking the herbs, and then feel fine. I would repeat this same scenario a few months later.  (SPOILER ALERT: It wasn’t the herbs).

It turns out that the above scenario was me living in alignment with my weekly hormonal changes without even knowing it.  You see, each week we have a different combination of hormones that gives us a unique gift (if our hormones are in balance).  If we know what these gifts are, we can make them work for us each week (instead of working against us with PMS and other not-so-fun symptoms).

What was happening to me in the above story was my repeated willingness to try new things during the follicular phase, and the “kidney” pain I was feeling was me ovulating during the next phase of my cycle!  It wasn’t the herbs; I was just in alignment with my cycle!

Read how you can align each week of your life with the phases of your cycle and unleash your feminine magical powers by reading the whole post here:


For the entire hormone balance series, check out

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I make your health my priority so you can make your dreams your priority!

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