Herbs for Energy

Do you suffer from a lack of energy?

The common symptom between all health issues is fatigue.

It’s hard to embark upon a healing journey when you are too tired to get out of bed, or too overworked to add one more thing to your to-do list.


While getting to the root cause of your health issues is crucial for true healing, herbs can be important assistants that jump-start your body into healing action.

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I created a 28-page e-book with

  • over 50 herbs
  • 10 energy-assisting herbal actions
  • complete with doses, herbal energetics, and contraindications

to help you on your quest for energy and wellness.

I tell you not only

  • how thinking about herbs is different from how we think about medicine, but also
  • the best way to use herbs to increase their effectiveness,
  • how to match herbs with your personal, bioindividual needs,
  • the scientific data demonstrating the efficacy of over 50 herbs, and
  • how to choose different herbs for different causes of fatigue.

I don’t know of any herbal book out there that specifically addresses fatigue as in-depth as this book.  There are many causes of fatigue, and everyone is different, so choosing the right herb for you is important to make sure you get the results you want.

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Because I believe that everyone deserves the knowledge of herbs, I made this book super affordable: only $15!

To order the PDF of the

Herbs for Energy e-book,

just send $15 to me via paypal here paypal.me/LoriValentineRose,

including the email address where you want me to send the e-book and the words “Herbs for Energy” in the notes section.

(I WILL NOT be adding you to any e-mail list, I promise.  I will only send you the PDF of Herbs for Energy.)