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that can all lead to an associate of science degree and are financial aid/veteran’s benefits eligible!

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Adult courses:

Hill College Holistic Wellness Pathway, ongoing, in-person or online

Come get your holistic nutritionist training, general and clinical herbalist training, wellness coach training, and/or associate of science in biology with me!  Thanks to my extensive, well-rounded education, I have designed the most thorough and affordable holistic wellness program that I know of!  For just $2800 you can obtain the education required to apply to sit for the NANP holistic nutrition board exam, apply to AHG for your registered herbalist designation, AND, if you aren’t degreed, apply these classes to your associate of science degree in the biology major at Hill College.  Because these are accredited classes, they are all eligible for financial aid and veteran’s benefits, and all classes are offered in person or online.  There is no other program like this in existence.  Watch my podcast interview with Weight Free Wellness to hear about the program, how it works, and what credentials you will be trained for!  Listen to this podcast interview of me by Urban Farm that talks about the school garden program every holistic wellness student gets to participate in!


Make Natural Remedies for the Family online course, sign up ongoing

Learn How to Make and Use Natural Remedies Safely for You and Your Family!

How to naturally alleviate and make safe homemade remedies for:
Pain and Headache
PMS and Cramps
Bug bite and Stings
Scrapes and Burns
Cold and Flu
Much more! (Gardening and health classes will be included in the future, so sign up now!)

The first class on homemade sunscreen and an 18-page sun health e-book is FREE!


*Indicates classes that are currently closed.  Contact me at if you have at least 10 people interested in one of the below closed classes*

Hill College CWE Introductory Nutrition and Family Herbalism Course, in-person or online, Fall 2017, every other Friday from 9-11am starting late August. 32 contact hours, 4.2 CWE certificate credits.  Call Hill College CWE at 817-760-5826 and get enrolled!


As a preview course to my new Holistic Wellness degree at Hill College, I am offering an introductory Holistic Nutrition and Herbalism course through Continuing Workforce Education! What this means is that ANYONE can take this class without even having to apply to Hill College!!! What this also means is that you take this if you just want to learn nutrition and herbalism skills to apply at home OR if you want to get your feet wet and see if you want to jump in fully to the complete Holistic Wellness Program!! Please share this with anyone you think might be interested!!!

This course will be a combination of general nutrition knowledge and hands on skills (recipes, cooking, food label reading, shopping guides, how to eat out healthy, general nutrition guidelines for common chronic diseases, supplement guidelines) combined with introductory family herbalism knowledge and skills (how to cook with medicinal herbs, making homemade herbal cleaning and body products, every day herbal health, and common illness remedies for adults and kids)!!

So if you meet any of the below criteria, call Hill College CWE at 817-760-5826 and get enrolled!!!:

*You want general nutrition guidance
*You want to learn about conflicting nutrition information
*You want holistic ways to address their chronic health issues
*You want to learn how to use herbs with themselves or their families
*You want to learn how everyday herbs can be used as health remedies
*You want to learn to make their own body care and cleaning products
*You are interested in a future career in holistic nutrition and/or herbalism but you aren’t sure you want to jump in fully yet

The course only meets 8 times, every other Friday, from 9-11am.

You can totally free up 16 hours of your time to join me and learn about holistic ways to health!!!

Don’t live in the area? No worries! We are recording the whole thing and it will all be online!!!


*Fermentation class: how to ferment vegetables and drinks

*6-class Gardening Module, Booker T Washington, Cleburne, TX, register here for Fridays 9am-12pm  OR register here for Saturdays 1-4pm, over the summer.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to start a garden and keep it 365 days a year?!? Well, then this is the class for you!

This course will cover everything you need to know to sustainably raise a 365-days a year backyard garden! There will be a Friday class OR a Saturday class to choose from for your convenience. Topics include:

  •   How to combat “there is TOO MUCH TO KNOW” paralysis
  •   Design an amazing organic permaculture garden bed no matter how big of a gardening space you have
  •   Save seeds
  •   Start plants from seeds, and the perfect soil mix for seed starting, containers, and gardens
  •   Container garden, and how to keep ants out of those containers
  •   Fertilize organically, and a fertilization schedule for every season
  •   Organic pest control
  •   Fruit growing in Texas
  •   How to prune tomatoes to maximize your yield
  •   Worm bin composting, regular composting, and compost tea
  •   How to preserve your garden harvest so that you get the most bang for your buck
  •   How to extend your growing season
  •   And how to do all this on a small budget!!!

After this module you will know EVERYTHING I KNOW that took me a DECADE to learn and HUNDREDS of dollars in classes and ZILLIONS OF FAILURES in order to grow my own veggies YEAR ROUND!!!!!

You have the ability to pay a low upfront fee of $150.00 or pay a 1 time $30 registration fee and $30 every class you attend.

The topics in each class are as follows:

  • May 27 or 28: Design a Spring/Summer/Fall garden using square-foot, companion, permaculture planting
  • June 10 or11: Seed starting and container gardening
  • June 24 or 25: Fertilizing, composting, compost tea, green manure, cover crops, and worm bins
  • July 8 or 9: Tomato and herb pruning, fruit growing, tree and bush pruning, organic pest control
  • July 29 or 30: Seed saving, food preservation (canning, dehydrating, fermenting, freezing)
  • Aug 12 or 13: Garden hacks for extending your growing season


Nutrition Flyer

*Pressure Canning:

Pressure Canning Class

Kid courses:

*Summer Kids Cooking Class, Booker T. Washington, Cleburne, TX, Mondays 9-12, June 6-July 25 (10 person limit so sign up fast!!!)


cooking pic 1cooking pic 2cooking pic4

*Summer Kids Science Club, Booker T. Washington, Cleburne, TX, Thursdays 9-12, June 9-July 28 (15 person limit so sign up fast!!!)