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Hi KS readers!

I am honored to provide practitioner-grade supplements to you at a 10% discount to help you on your hormone-balancing journey!  These are the supplements I use, and I am excited to offer them to you! (I also tell you about a discount on my consultation packages below, so keep reading!)

Click here to go to my supplement store at FullScript.  In my experience, they provide the best quality supplements at the best prices, and their services are super awesome!  They send monthly reminders automatically so you don’t ever run out, and they carry the most wide variety of supplements and herbs.  I love them!

You will set up a free account,


and then head to the “Mitochondria Support” option under the Product Catalogue Dispensary Categories pull down menu.


There, you can just choose the supplements you wish to use.  Of course, if you can find these for better prices at your local health food store, choose the option that makes sense for you.  Just make sure those options have the same nutrient doses as the ones I am recommending here (otherwise you are just wasting your money on sub-par supplements that won’t work)…that’s why I always buy from this practitioner grade store…I have never found a similar quality at a regular store.

Here is how I take these supplements:

  • Bitters: Drop on your tongue 20 minutes before each meal to activate your digestive enzymes.
  • Ionic magnesium: Magnesium is required to make ATP (aka energy), and just about everyone is deficient in it.  Add to your water or herbal tea at night, increasing the number of dropper fulls each night until you find your bowel tolerance (until you wake up with loose stools).  When you wake up with loose stools, back up the dose by one dropper full. Let me know if you want a solid capsule option instead.  *If you are on blood pressure reducing calcium channel blockers, check with your doctor first. (My post here on the different types of magnesium and which would be best in certain situations should be helpful).
  • Nutrient 950 multi: This includes therapeutic levels of B-vitamins and other minerals essential for making your mitochondria function.  Take as directed if you are in a healing protocol for 5-7 days each week (4 in the AM and 4 with lunch; always take with food).  Once you start feeling better, back down to a maintenance dose of 2 in the AM and 2 at lunch, 3-5 days per week.  *If you have MTHFR mutation, the folate is properly formulated for you in this multi.  However, I like the Seeking Health brand for MTHFR better, so if you would access to those let me know.
  • ProOmega 2000: Essential Fatty Acids required for mitochondrial membrane structure.  Take as directed every night.
  • Ther-Biotic: Probiotics for digestive health.  Take as directed every night.
  • Vitamin C: Getting antioxidants from food/supplements ensures that Co-Q-10, an anti-oxidant required for mitochondria, is not used up in other places in the body.  Start with 1 cap in the AM and at 1 cap at lunch, increasing the number of caps each day until you reach bowel tolerance (see instructions for bowel tolerance above).  Once you reach bowel tolerance, back off by 1 capsule.  As your body gets stronger, you will be able to lower your dosage of Vit C and Magnesium, so pay attention to your stool!
  • Vit D3: I recommend getting your 25 Hydroxy Vit D3 tested periodically.  Many practitioners recommend a flooding dose of D3 (50,000 IU) for 1 week, followed by 10,000 IU each day.  If you get tested and your levels are in the 70s, then you are where you need to be and you may not need to supplement.  Your levels will vary with the seasons, your skin color, your age, and where you live, so testing 2-3 times per year may be useful.   If your levels are above 100, you need to back down. If you don’t want to get tested, you can do what feels comfortable for you.  I live in Texas and go outside every day; I take 5,000 IU D3 daily.  I don’t get my levels tested.

Your 10% discount is already applied and activated, so enjoy!

If you want to work with me personally on more specific supplements for your unique bio-individual condition, you can see my consult packages here.  I am also giving a 10% discount for KS readers to schedule a consult with me, so let me know that you found me through KS!!!

Legal Disclaimer: many medical conditions and medications interfere with supplements and herbs in a strange way.  Always consult your physician before adding herbs and supplements to your daily routine, especially if you are already on a medication, if you are pregnant, or if you are nursing.



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