Read reviews from clients and interns!

Client reviews

I don’t remember how I found out about Lori Rose anymore, but I think it was simply reading positive reviews on her Facebook page.  I had been having nighttime panic attacks for over 6 years ( I wake up screaming, heart pumping, adrenaline racing, completely disoriented) that were leaving me ( and my poor husband) exhausted and frustrated.  My primary care doctor had prescribed Xanax and it didn’t help and I hated the way it made me feel numb.  So I decided to contact Lori about my issues.  After one phone call, she came up with a treatment plan and (as it turned out) correctly identified what was causing my panic attacks.  The protocol she planned out for me has worked completely in a little over 2 months.  I haven’t had a panic attack in over a month, my energy levels are much, much better and my understanding of myself and my body has increased.  Lori is incredibly kind and personable.  I instantly felt comfortable with her and my beyond amazing results may sound too good to be true, but I would love to encourage anyone who is struggling with a health issue that your traditional doctor is stumped by or anyone who would like to try a more natural approach to bettering their health and themselves, to talk to Lori.  She has a gift and I am blessed beyond measure that God led me to her!   Lindsay W.

Christina S. was diagnosed with Lupus since age 3 and had been on Lupus medication and anti-inflammatory steroids her entire life. She lived with chronic pain daily, and had a difficult time being the bubbly person she felt she was inside because of digestive issues from frequent rounds of antibiotics from re-occurring infections caused by a suppressed immune system.  This made it difficult to be the rock star day care worker she was blessed with amazing skills to be because chronic fatigue left her drained all day every day.  Here is her quote after working with me:

“Lori is amazing. I went to her to see about how to make my lupus more manageable. We discovered that I had digestive issues as well. So we targeted that first. Only 6 weeks in and I feel greatNo more digestive issues, my energy has increased 60 percent, and if you know anything about lupus you would know that is MAJOR!!!! Also my joints are not as inflamed which again with lupus is a chronic pain that never subsides. Finally I’m off all lupus meds (*she worked with her doctor for this part of her program*) which were causing so many other health issues. All and all Lori is AMAZING!!! She will be my go to person every time. I trust her knowledge 500%”

Misty P. has Lyme and MTHFR gene mutation.  She had chronic fatigue, slept pretty much all day, and was exhausted after any exertion.  She had tried every diet, supplements, and herbs that she could read about and get her hands on.  She really wanted to lose weight, but had been stuck at the same weight for many years despite all of her diligent attempts.  I adjusted her supplements to be supportive of her MTHFR mutation and developed a nutrition and herbal protocol for her based upon my extensive training.  Here is what she said after working with me:

“My weight issues were one of those things I had come to terms with.  I felt like all the “cards” were stacked against me. Well, after 6 weeks on your protocol I am down 7 pounds and I have lost some inches! I have a particular shirt that I have not been able to wear and suddenly it fits! And my energy picked up a little last week!”

Becky B. was having trouble losing weight, had low energy levels, sugar and caffeine addiction, and low libido.  Here is her review within one month of working with me:

“Today is day three of my supplements and I feel FANTASTIC! Day 1 was amazing. I was actually hyper that day. I have not had coffee at all this week and no sodas either. I’m feeling beyond proud of myself. Been eating my protocol foods with two slip ups with the carbs but I made sure to get moving after them. I feel so good though; it’s not hard to get me moving, so it’s all good. I have been telling all of my friends how I’m feeling too.  I actually have so much energy and am in such a good mood that I have lost focus on getting things done because I’m all over the place. I’ll get that under control but I’m cracking myself up over it.”
Kay D. was having life-disruptive digestive issues.  She was fatigued and had lost the joy in her life.  She had stopped creating jewelry, which had been her passion.  Here is her review within one month of working with me:

“Today, I am smiling and grateful to be feeling like my old self.  I have you to thank for that. My joy has also begun to return and I feel like creating again.  Doing the happy dance!  I want to sing your praises and shout it out to the world!”

Intern and mentee reviews

“Through your NANP-approved indirect-hour mentorship, I have finally opened up a new set of skills that have opened my eyes and my heart to what is possible for me towards achieving my dreams beyond graduation; it’s no longer foggy and vague. The more schooling I do and the more I learn from you, the more things are becoming clearer. I’ve found I’m definitely passionate about holistic nutrition and holistic, greener living, and I’m already taking baby steps to sharing the knowledge I’ve accumulated to better other’s health and well-being. For the longest time I didn’t think my passions could become a career, but here I am forging the path and learning how to make it so!” Ellen Wentz